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$ 76.990 . $ 76.990 .

Shimano BL-MT501/BR-MT500 Disc Brake front

The hydraulic disc brake from Shimano with ergonomic 2-finger brake lever BL-MT501 and 2-piston caliper BR-MT500 is the benchmark for cost-effective performance brake systems. The brake lever delivers high-powered mountain biking SERVO WAVE performance, and I-spec II compatibility.

High braking power with 4-Piston: Disc Brake BL-MT501 / BR-MT500 from Shimano

Hydraulic disc brake with a high, precisely metered braking force in the powerful design. Opposing pistons prevent vibrations. Natural mineral oil as hydraulic fluid, environmentally friendly and is neither toxic nor corrosive, in bicycle hydraulic braking systems, the optimal medium works dar.

Features - BL-MT501 / BR-MT500 2-Piston Disc Brake front with Resin B01S

  • Smooth and durable master cylinder design
  • SERVOWAVE high-power brake
  • Sleek and stable
  • Reliable power and rigid brake design is great for all riding styles from XC to trail
  • Brake Caliper for Postmount Brake
  • Optimized ergonomic 2-finger brake lever
  • 2-Piston Caliper 
  • Rapid initial pad contact and controllable brake power modulation
  • Sleek and durable master cylinder design
  • Heat insulated pad and piston
  • High power brake performance boosts rider confidence and enjoyment
  • Highly responsive braking power for greater control
  • Stable braking and greater durability
  • One-Way bleeding
  • I-spec II compatible - securing the shift lever on the brake lever
  • Rotors SM-RT70 and SM-RT66 are available separately!

Product features

  • Use: MTB/Trekking
  • Model: BR-MT501 (front)
  • Brake type: Disc-Brake
  • Brake lever: BL-MT501
  • Lever length: 2-Finger
  • Mount: left
  • Open clamp: Yes
  • Adjustable pressure point: No
  • Reach adjustment: Yes, with tool
  • Caliper: BR-MT500 (2-Piston)
  • Brake mounting: Postmount
  • Brake pads: B01S Resin
  • Brake hose: SM-BH59-SS
  • Brake hose length: front 1000mm (shortable)
  • Cable connection: Banjo
  • One-Way bleeding: Yes
  • Brake fluid: Mineral oil
  • Recommended brake rotor: SM-RT70, SM-RT66


  • Lever: Aluminum Anodized
  • Caliper: Aluminum Painted


  • black

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Brake lever BL-MT501 left
  • 1 Brake caliper BR-MT500 (2-Piston)
  • 1 Brake hose SM-BH59-SS 1000mm long (shortable)
  • 1 Tube Joint Kit
  • 1 Brake pads B01S Resin without Fin
  • 2 Screws for brake caliper
  • The brake hose SM-BH59-SS is with mineraloil filled and pre-mountedon the caliper BR-MT500!
Rotor and Adapter not included!
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